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Bobby Rekha, at tkaoysterbay In Oyster Bay New York

Meet Bobby Rekha

Sensei Bobby Rekha has been practicing martial arts since 2001. He is the head instructor of the school; which is located in the village of Oyster Bay, NY. He holds rank in Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, and Yammani Ryu weapons (Sai; Staff; Nun chucks; and Kama) He also trains in kickboxing and Muay Thai Boxing.

“The reason I decided to teach was not to instruct martial arts but rather to instill traditional leadership qualities in children as well as adults while giving them life changing qualities such as Confidence, Focus, Discipline, Commitment, Perseverance and most importantly leadership. Where else can you develop these life skills besides a martial arts school? All while attaining the goal of becoming a black belt.”

In addition, Sensei Rekha is also a certified bully expert, the only one in the Village of Oyster Bay. Bullying has become a widespread epidemic that has put fear in our kids and communities. We combat bullying using Verbal Judo a proven system that police officers use as well to avoid, deescalate and control situations.

tkaoysterbay, “Where we are helping to build young leaders and stronger Families”.

What sets us apart from other schools is that we focus on the personal development part of the martial arts and fitness, not just kicks, punches and exercise.

We focus on qualities parents NEED their children to learn such as:

  • Confidence in his or herself in dealing with situations especially with a bully
  • Self Defense: Knowing when, where, and how to defend yourself verbally and physically
  • FOCUS: setting goals then reaching those goals
  • Discipline: Listening, understanding and more importantly respecting persons of authority
  • Perseverance to keep on going even if the going gets tough
  • Commitment: Making the decision to be a leader rather than a follower

For Children we have karate programs; and for our adults we have an amazing kickboxing program that will help you reach your fitness goals faster than ever while having a great time doing so.

We always provide a fun, safe, friendly, and structured environment for everyone to learn.

Here at tkaoysterbay we treat you not just as students, we treat you like family!

“Hard training requires a lot of physical stamina, but it also builds mental and spiritual strength too. ”

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.”

how do I start

Interested in taking one of our amazing training programs here at tkaoysterbay in Oyster Bay, NY? First thing you’ll have to do is pick a program that you are most interested in. Once you have picked a program you can then check out the schedule that is available. You will then have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials that we have to offer. If you have any other questions or concerns that are not covered under our site please don’t hesitate to give us a call at the academy – (516) 802-3400. We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us here at tkaoysterbay, located in Oyster Bay, New York.

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